GSOC 2019 Coding Period: Week 1

The Google Summer of Code 2019 coding period kicked off on Monday 27th of May 2019, which was a couple of days ago. Accordingly I begun working on my project, UI for Password reset, and using the OpenMRS Yeoman Generaor, I created a scaffolded OWA which would serve as the basis of my project, using ReactJs as the main Library for this OWA. I also created a github repository containing the code for the scaffolded OpenWeb App. Subsequent commits would be made using this repository.

Also I discussed with my mentor following the production of more detailed mockups(more detailed than the ones in my GSOC application) for what the final user interface should look like, so that we follow a specific guide through out the user interface design and implementation process, knowing that we are working towards a specific goal. This is in progress at the moment.

First week down, entire summer to go. Super excited

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